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Should I do some magic to make my TikTok account viral? If this is your question, anybody would answer confidently as “ Just go live on TikTok”.  TikTok live helps you create a stronger bond with your audiences in real-time and attracts new TikTok followers to your account. Since TikTok is an emerging platform to showcase your brand or business among one billion active users, the TikTok live feature helps to achieve it faster. 

When you go live on TikTok, audiences find a greater chance to engage with your brand by raising questions for which you can answer that moment itself . The authenticity of your TikTok account increases when you broadcast your branded content in a live session. Therefore TikTok live is great for driving social sales for your brand and building huge trust among your target audiences. 

Along with these benefits, we’ll see how to go live on TikTok to grow your account with more followers? Let’s get started with the below article!

What Is TikTok Live?

TikTok live is a real-time source that people find on TikTok to watch your brand voice in TikTok live to create trust. The live video on TikTok is usually short. However, most brands make structured live videos like cooking shows, tutorials on their product usage, or even educational videos.

Like Instagram and Facebook live, TikTok lives will also help your brand increase in popularity quickly. Usually, when people find your products or services live, it creates trust with higher engagement among your target audiences. Moreover, if you want your audiences to interact in real-time, choose to go TikTok live by fulfilling the following requirements.

  • Your TikTok account should have a minimum of 1000 followers to access the TikTok live feature.
  • The age should be 16 years and above to go live on your own.
  • One can send gifts on TikTok live only if your age is above 18 years. TikTok gifts during a live show are virtual, which can then be converted into cash.

How To Go Live On TikTok 2022?

When your TikTok account meets the above requirements, follow the below steps to succeed in your TikTok live.

  • Open your TikTok app and turn on the camera.
  • Get through the options available on the red button until you identify the Live option.
  • Tap on the ‘Live’ and create a title for your TikTok live stream.
  • Select the cover photo and topic with any filters to make your TikTok live the best.
  • Finally, click ‘Go Live’ to initiate your live stream on your TikTok account.

Once you select the Go live option, a three-second countdown appears before initiating your video. If the countdown does not appear, ensure you have met all the requirements to go live. The problem also occurs if many live streams come at the same time. Retrieve it by trying to live a few minutes later.

How To Go Live On Tikok Without 1000 Followers?

There are many advanced ways to unlock your TikTok live even without 1000 followers. To do so, follow the below steps to know how to go live on TikTok without 1000 followers.

  • Go to the hamburger menu present at the top right of your profile to access the account settings on TikTok.
  • Select “report a problem” available in the privacy settings.
  • Then choose ‘I can’t start a TikTok Live’ and tap ‘No’ if it is asked whether the problem gets resolved or not.
  • On the ‘send us your feedback column, write that you could not access your TikTok account and request them to enable the TikTok live option. 
  • At last, hit send, where you can get access to go live on TikTok within two days.  

Most Engaging Tips To Run A Successful TikTok Live

Since most people and brands launch TikTok live to gain the attention of their target audiences, it isn’t easy to run a successful TikTok live. Here are some tips and tricks to run live on TikTok.

1. Set A Goal

Before going to TikTok Live, know the specific goal to get from your target audiences. The goals may differ for every brand according to their target audiences. Some brands may launch TikTok live to drive traffic to their website, promote their product, or just to gather a lot of views for TikTok videos by connecting with their community. Since the options are plenty, define the right goal to enhance your marketing strategy on TikTok.

2. Choose The Right Topic

Once you set up your goal, select the relevant topic that suits your goal. Remember that your topic needs to be attractive to grab the attention of your potential followers. For instance, if your goal is to promote a product, choose a topic that covers the usage of your product to deliver clear information to your audiences. Also, you can run a weekly live by choosing a broader topic like tutorials. 

3. Organize A Perfect TikTok Live 

TikTok live requires a perfect structure to keep your audiences engaged with your video. Before performing live, plan yourself to make your TikTok Live exciting and interactive. When you start, provide an intro about your live, which will be a good start. You can also include a how-to-do session with a question and answer session to make your audience active throughout the session.

4. Extend Your Live Videos To 30 Minutes

Plan the content to speak live for a minimum of 30 minutes. It is good to have a 30 minutes live show that helps your potential followers to remember you. The period of half an hour will help to achieve your goal and make your audiences stick on your video till your live session ends.

5. Conduct Live At The Correct Time

Decide to go live on TikTok when the majority of your audiences are online. Going live when your audiences are active can raise engagement rates. Get this information from the Followers activity section of TikTok analytics. 

6. Don’t Be Scripted

Though pre-planning is essential to make a successful video, don’t make it fully scripted. Bring your video in a natural way to create authenticity for your content. If your live stream video is fully scripted, people might quit watching your live video. A casual TikTok live creates an organic connection between your brand and audiences.

7. Make Your Live Interactive

The main aim of performing a TikTok live is to interact with your audiences in real-time. Pause and provide attention to the question that arises from the audience and answer them to make the session more interactive. Also, thank your new followers and existing followers who offer TikTok gifts.

Final Thoughts

From the above points, you will be able to know how to go live on TikTok 2022. Going live on TikTok is an excellent way to connect with your potential audiences, drive greater traffic, and increase brand awareness. The best part of TikTok live is that there is no editing needed. Just appear in front of the camera and start to talk to gain tremendous success for your brand. 

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